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Uplift a Jain child or family from poverty by education
JAINA since its inception has been supporting disaster relief projects around the globe. We now want to extend our services to sustainable livelihood project. Under this livelihood project poor Jain child or families in India will be supported to receive quality education for children, higher or vocational training for young adults and skill enhancement vocational training for head of house hold to increase their earning potential. This will result in sustainable livelihood to liberate them from poverty.

The family’s designation as needy (Rs.4,000/month or less in rural, Rs.6,000/month or less in urban area) will be verified by JAINA partner organizations using pre-established criteria. The adequacy and duration of the assistance will be certified and re-certified by partner organizations. The fees will be paid directly to Schools or Vocational Training center. The other incidental expenses related to education will be paid to family on as need basis as recommended by partner organization.

Choosing the child or families: The child or families will be chosen in a participatory manner by the local organizations based on priority of need. The names of the chosen families will then be sent to the JIT office for review and finalization. Once families are approved, profiles will be provided explaining the needs. The profiles will be forwarded to JAINA project coordinator. They are recorded and stored until linked with a North American partner family, individual, group, etc.

Purpose of assistance
Provide skill enhancement training to head of household leading to higher paying jobs, To meet immediate needs such as food, clothing, medicine or quality education for their children, To encourage each family assisted to become self-reliant and productive within the context of their local economy Assist families in financing entrepreneurial initiatives such as small retail stores called petty shops, bicycle repair, teashops, appliance repair, TV & cell phone repair, etc.

Statistics of families needing help
According to statistics, approximately 17% Jain families are at below the poverty level (earning Rs.5,000 per month). As a pilot project we will start with small number of children and families to be supported/ given education assistance.

Many Jain children and families are awaiting your assistance to secure their future.

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