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Q. What is JAINA Upliftment Program?
A. JAINA is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit faith based Federation of nearly seventy Jain organizations representing ~150,000 Jains in USA and Canada. JAINA has many committees and project s since its inception in 1981. JAINA provided millions of dollars in aid and hundreds of thousand volunteer services to for disaster relief, animal welfare, and humanitarian missions around the globe. In 2011, post JAINA convention, an increased emphasis on “Live & Help Live” theme inspired many volunteers to help Jain children and families come out of poverty by education. It is estimated that over 17% of Jain families live below poverty level ($50 month or less) especially in rural parts in India.

Q. What is JAINA Upliftment Project mission?
A. JAINA Upliftment Project’s mission is to bring real and lasting change to Jain children living in poverty. In partnership with contributors in North America and India Based NGO, our goal is to reduce their daily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Q. What is Upliftment?
A. Child upliftment sponsorship establishes a relationship between individual donors and sponsored children. Sponsors provide an annual or monthly gift, which is used to help provide education benefit for their sponsored children. We have chosen sponsorship as our means for helping needy Jain children because we've found that pairing one child with one sponsor is the most effective way to receive consistent gifts from our donors and therefore provide stable, ongoing educational benefits and services to the children.

Q. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
A. Just $30 a month for elementary & middle school child education and $50 a month for University and vocational training for young adult. That makes us the most affordable sponsorship organization around. We've figured out a way to lower our expenses -- without cutting into the support you provide. Most of our administrative work is done by volunteers.

Q. How can sponsors provide so much for $25 -$50 a month?
A. We look for ways to keep costs down without sacrificing the support each recipient receives We hire local professionals to work because it's not only less expensive, but we feel the citizens in these local areas are best equipped to understand and meet the needs of the people.

We use trained volunteers to help us carry out program activities - many of whom are from local area and have personal knowledge about the recipient and their family.

We pay recipients education fees directly to School & colleges in supervision with our partner NGO to insure donation goes to its intended purposes.

Our partner NGO purchase school clothing and school supplies in bulk quantities in local area where we work - to save money and help the local economies as applicable.

We work to acquire donated goods from corporations and companies.

Q. What percentage of the funds you receive is used for programs and services that benefit sponsored children?
A. We are proud of our financial accountability and integrity. In fiscal year 2013, 95 percent of total expenses went to support program activities to benefit children and families.

Q. How are the funds used to help needy children?
A. In the year 2013, in relatively short period of time we funded 61 students’ educational expenses partially or fully depending on verified need in each case. Services provided to sponsored children and their families with those funds included:

Educational assistance: In addition to textbooks and school supplies for sponsored children, funds were used to supply educational materials for classrooms to provide tutors where needed, and to build, improve and expand school facilities in a number of cities where overcrowding impeded learning. In some severely under-funded schools, we assisted with teachers’ salaries. Vocational preparedness programs for sponsored youth were implemented in many locations and expanded in others.

Clothing: If needed child in the sponsorship program receives a number of new clothing (school uniform) items, ranging from shirts, pants, shoes, socks, skirts, and school uniforms to underwear.

Q. How are the funds used to help needy children?
A. Financial accountability is a matter of paramount importance to us. Our strong relationship with local leaders and NGO’s and stringent accounting and financial reporting procedures to ensure that the funds are and will be properly used.

Q. Can I visit my child?
A. Of course! Unlike other similar programs, we encourage your communication via our partner NGO’s. Nothing is better than meeting the child you are sponsoring face to face to see how your child lives and witness firsthand what your contributions help provide.

Q. Will my child write to me?
A. Yes! You will receive two letters a year from your child. Of course, you may also write to your child as often as you wish.

Q. As a sponsor, what do I receive throughout the year?
A. You'll receive:
Two letters informing child’s progress report including letters from your child each year, A new photograph of your child once a year?
The opportunity to send birthday, Paryushan, Diwali, greetings to your child on these and other special occasions.

Q. What types of benefits do sponsored children receive?
A. Through sponsorship, your child receives direct and vital benefits to help him or her grow up healthy and educated. You'll help us provide important assistance, such as:

A better chance for an education by helping remove barriers that can keep a child from attending school. This is accomplished by providing necessary items such as school fees, books, supplies and uniforms, structured activities to encourage moral and spiritual values.

And much more!

Our program benefits focus on the needs of individual children. To help ensure the children receive the best possible care, we plan to keep detailed benefit registers, listing benefits received for all children, are signed by the children or their parents and kept on file.

Q. May I help my child through my employer's matching gifts program or the Combined Federal Campaign?
A. Absolutely! Many sponsors participate in their employer's Matching Gifts program -- in which the employer matches their employees' charitable contributions by sending an equal amount. Please contact your human resources or payroll department today to find out if they can match your contributions to JAINA.

And, if you're a government employee, please consider helping JAINA through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in near future. JAINA is in process of registering with CFC. Through this special program, a charitable contribution may be automatically deducted from your paycheck to give vital help to impoverished children.

Q. Am I my child's only sponsor?
A. Yes, in Most cases, If you sponsor a child through our sponsorship program, your child will have only one sponsor -- you! Except in cases, child’s education expenses exceed your contribution. You will be made aware of these exceptions.

Q. How does your contribution amount compare to that requested by other sponsorship organizations?
A. At $325 -$50 a month, we remain the lowest-cost major child sponsorship program. With help of our NGO partner, we should be able to keep our costs down through careful planning, smart spending, utilizing volunteers, and intensive evaluation of our programs for maximum effectiveness. And we'll continue to spend your contributions carefully and wisely to benefit your child.

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